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Saturday, April 01, 2006

assorted musings....just add mayonaise

I have been thinking a lot about bolognaise. It's a perennial in my kitchen, and I have come across a lot of recipes for it recently. There seem to be as many variations as there are people who cook it, maybe more, apparently this is poften the case with Italian food, maybe that's the appeal for me. The same meal being made in a hundred different ways, it's free and easy cooking, just the way i like it. I even saw a recipe for Gothic Spag Bol, where you have a very red bolognaise anddye the pasta blackwith squid ink. I know what i'm cooking this Halloween then.
I make bologanise because I can do it in 15 minutes and create something delicious when my cupboards a nearly bare, i need mince, tomatoes, whatever else and my spice rack, on pasta. I did it last night for Mark and Phil, and it was delicious even tho i had no veggies to throw in it, the spice combination and quantities, no doubt never to be perfectly replicated, gave it a lovely flovour and we all enjoyed the meal, on the other hand i saw a fabulous recipe for bolognaise that requires simmering for three hours, never going to happen in my kitchen, but if anyone wants to invite me over i am happy to try it. :)

Someone posted on their blog about Jam the other day, how she's got so many pots qand loves it, but prefers her bread savoury. I am in the same boat. As I result i set about finding other uses for jam, and i reckon i've nailed it, Heat up some banana cake, out some cold jam on it in a dollop and devour.
I took a photo of my selection of sweet spreadables.

Last random thought today I promise.

I have been sorting and moving things inthe house, trying to tidy up, sort things for car boot sales to clear space in the house for Mark who is worrying about where all his things will go when he moves in. well he has a point if i'm honest. Anyway, the one thing I haven't tried to rationalise as yet is my cookery book collection, in fact the sneaky devil seems to be expanding.
Are you too addicted to cook books? How do you control your habit?
Here is the evidence of mine.
That's about 2 metersof cook books, and my booze cabinet. The bottomshelf that isn't fully inpicture is books i ammoving out of that room, hence the mess.


  • At 10:55 AM, Blogger yellowandorange said…

    I love your bookshelf! I'll post a picture of mine soon :)

  • At 1:26 AM, Blogger karen Morris said…

    I cut down on cookbooks, by working it to death, finding all my favorite recipes and moving them into my hand written cookbook.


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