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Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconiles everybody. Samuel Pepys

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Talking about food

I love food, I love to eat, I recently re-discovered how much i love to cook, so rather than just obsessing about eating and taking no real pleasure from it I recently decided to get back into cooking poperly and really taking pleasure from food.

Since i have been having so much fun cooking and experimenting I also thought i'd add to the countless food blogs out there, and give you Toast for your Tum.

Here i shall record the recipes I am cooking, where they came from, how easy they are to follow and how much we (myself and my helpful guinea pigs) enjoyed eating them.

Before I get stuck in i'd like to say, I have a tiny kitchen, in poor condition, and virtually no surface left now I have a kettle a small microwave and a coffee maker. Non of this is gonna stop me. In fact as i gradually improve my kitchen i shall record all that info here too so you can follow my progress.


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